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In the backdrop of new MCA guidelines, it is now mandatory to conduct KYC in respect of each person who holds Director Identification Number (DIN). For Financial year 2019-20 on wards – Every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’ including disqualified directors, would mandatorily be required to file form DIR-3 KYC.

What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

Every new or existing director of the company must apply for the Director’s Identification Number. It is is a unique identification number given to a person wanting to be a director or an existing director of a company with lifetime validity.

What is Form DIR 3 KYC?

DIR 3 KYC is a form to be filed by Every director who has been allotted DIN (Director Identification Number). It is mandatory for all the directors irrespective of their status as qualified or disqualified. Additionally, DIR-3-KYC-WEB is to be used by the DIN holder who has submitted DIR-3 KYC eform in the previous financial year and no update is required in his details.

Who Should Fille Form DIR 3 KYC?

All DIN holders must file DIR 3 KYC every year.

What is the due date of filing ROC Form DIR 3 KYC?

Every individual who is allotted DIN as on 31st March of a financial year must submit his KYC on or before 30th April of the immediately next financial year.

Requirement of filing DIR 3 KYC:

For Financial year 2019-20 onwards – Every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’, would be mandatorily required to file form DIR-3 KYC before 30th April of the immediately next financial year.

Hence, due date of filing Form DIR 3 KYC is 30th April 2020.

What happens if DIR 3 KYC is not filed ?

In cases where a director who is supposed to file the DIR 3 KYC e-Form or DIR 3 KYC web, does not file it within the due date on MCA 21 portal, the department will mark the DIN of such director as ‘Deactivated due to Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’. and shall have to pay penalty of INR 5,000/10,000 if filed after the due date.

Latest update in filing of DIR 3 KYC E-Form / Web:

Earlier in April 2020, MCA had introduced Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020. where if the DIN holders who had failed to file E-Form DIR 3 KYC or DIR 3 KYC web in any of the previous year, and whose status showed as “Deactivated”, could file their DIR-3KYC / DIR- 3KYC-Web / ACTIVE as the case may be without any filing fee of INR 5000 / INR 10000 respectively. The last day for the same was 30th September, 2020 which later was extended till 31st December, 2020.

Further Update on DIR 3 KYC:

  • MCA notified that the last date for filing DIR-3 KYC for Financial year 2019-20 has expired on 31st December 2020.
  • The process of deactivating the non-compliant DINs is in progress and will be completed shortly.
  • Please note that web service DIR-3 KYC shall not be available for filing during the pendency of this activity.
  • Filing of DIR-3 KYC can be made after completion of the scheduled activity, as above, when the service is made available on the portal after payment of applicable fees.
  • Also, note that all the late filings of the DIR 3 KYC shall now be done with the penalty of INR 5000/-.
  • Stakeholders may kindly note and plan accordingly.


1000 / MO
  • DIR-3 KYC for one Director


2000 / MO
  • 2 Directors' DIR 3 KYC


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  • DIR 3 eKYC For One Director
  • 1 DSC Application Class II Individual 2 Year Validity
  • Target Analysis
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Tools

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